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The Return of the Corrupted Nerds podcast

Send Stilgherrian to Ruxcon 2015: click for Pozible campaign

If you’ve been wondering what’s happened to the Corrupted Nerds podcast, well, it’s coming back — but it needs your help.

This week I’m heading to Melbourne for the Australian Information Security Association’s annual conference. I’m recording some material there.

But more importantly, I’m running a Pozible crowdfunding campaign to get me to the Ruxcon infosec conference later in the month, and to fund the next few episodes of the podcast.

As I post this, the campaign is 43% funded, and there’s just three days left to reach the target.

For all the details, go to pozible.com/corruptednerds2 — because the podcast won’t be back without your support. Do it now.

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