• Information, power, security and all the cybers in a global internet revolution that’s changing... everything


Welcome to a website and, primarily, a podcast about information, power, security and all the cybers in a global internet revolution that’s changing… everything!

Corrupted Nerds is about the things that I’m interested in when it comes to how the internet revolution is changing society. I suppose I should mention that I’m Stilgherrian.

What we’re doing is completely rewiring the way the human species handles information and knowledge for everyone on the planet. And knowledge is power, right? So really we’re changing power relationships for everyone on the planet, at every level of society. And I do mean every level.

To begin with, the core media product is a podcast Corrupted Nerds: Conversations. The first episode, an interview with Eugene Kaspersky, was about nation-states and war and espionage and criminal hackers, and certainly information security and hacking. And the cybers are something I’m very interested in. But Corrupted Nerds is also about the relationship between governments and their citizens, businesses and their customers, parents and their children and all the rest.

What I want to bring you in that main podcast are conversations with people who can help us understand all that. Sometimes key individuals, sometimes panel discussions.

There’s also a podcast labelled Corrupted Nerds: Extra, which will bring you supplementary stuff that’s also interesting — stuff that happens not to be a conversation with me in it.

You can subscribe to either, or both, or there’s a master feed that contains everything — or there will be when I get it working. Stand by.

The title was inspired by an Australian politician, Senator Brett Mason. You can hear the full speech where he first used that phrase as the first Corrupted Nerds: Extra.

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