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Breakpoint and Ruxcon coverage brought to you by…

74 supporters: click for Pozibe supporters pageCorrupted Nerds coverage of the Breakpoint and Ruxcon conferences is brought to you by 74 generous Pozible supporters. Thank you all very much.

Extra Special Supporters: Adam Thomas, Justin Warren, Andrew Zammit, Sean Richmond, Cunning S7Unt, Peter Williams.

Special Supporters: Christopher Neal, Glen Roberts, Johan de Wit.

Supporters: Karen Purser, Di Kennedy, Shane Perris, Matthew Hatton, John Slee, Glen Fuller, Ross Poulton, Reem A, Jonathan Ferguson, Phillip Stevens, Kate Carruthers, William Southers, Brendan Forster, Chris Johnson, Bleeter, Peter Blakeley, Garth Kidd, oberonsghost, Paris Buttfield-Addison, Timothy Davis, Dave Gaukroger, Jodie Miners, Wade Bowmer, Glen Vallance, Derek Adams, Matthew Hall, Kathy Reid, Andrew McDonnell, John Paul Lonie, Syl Mobile, Ben Harris-Roxas, Scott Bridges, Benno Rice, Carol Duncan, Adam Kent, Leesa Watego, Ginevra Makes, Andrew Barnett, Kath O’Donnell, Christopher Neugebauer, James Purser, Mark Pesce, Matthew Gillard, David Heath, Rosemary White, Charles Kerr, Gavin Costello, Geoff Lloyd, deejbah, PointZeroOne, Rashas Moustaches, Anthony Agius, Tom Dullemond, Sally Boteler, four who choose to remain anonymous, plus five generous folk who have chosen to receive no reward whatsoever apart from knowing that the media has been produced.

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Commercial Supporters: Thank you AVG Technologies AU and Growthwise.

Thanks to: Nokia Australia for the loan of a Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone and Vodafone Australia for 4G connectivity and bandwidth.

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